Mcraftleather (Etsy seller) Accessories Review

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  1. I found this fantastic seller on eTsy. They handcrafted this Vachetta piece for my Petit Noe. Works great for ANY drawstring style bag, especially any Louis Vuitton Noe style bag. She sells it in Vachetta or Epi Leather (in any color!!!!). Shipping takes a little longer, as they handcraft it custom order. Obviously it is new Vachetta, so if you cannot wait to make it match over time, they send instructions to legit in the sun until you get a nice patina look. I figured I use this bag daily, so I’ll just let it patina over time, but you can easily speed up the process to match your vintage bag. It is the perfect accessory straight from the company if you just bought a brand new bag. 110% satisfied and I am now looking into their options for new Vachetta drawstrings, accessories and straps. Their products do no feature the really obviously fake ugly red trim. It is a very subtle reddish beige that will naturally flow with your authentic bag. 5 stars. Will purchase many items from this company in the future. Much bet product than I expected for the money I spent. Link to the Etsy store is below.
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  2. please ignore the typos. I tried to correct them but purse forum said I couldn’t for some weird reason, I’m now to TPF so idk...
  3. I agree, they are a fabulous seller. I too bought the slide for my vintage Noe. I was so sorry I hadn’t known of their shop earlier. I purchased a replacement cord for my Noe at theLV store in King of Prussia. I spent $65. Mcraft has the same vachetta cord for half the price. I also bought a bag charm which is adorable.
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  4. Yes, I’m so glad you know of their hard work and that you recommended them too! They are fantastic!
  5. I bought many of their straps and the quality was always amazing :heart:!!! Unhappily they make no adjustable straps anymore :sad:.
  6. I purchased handles for my DA NF. Beautifully done and my shoulder never hurts when the bag gets too heavy. Great company.
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  7. That is great! I have heard great things about them. How do they say to darken the patina on the new part?
  8. I’m currently waiting on a custom order hand carry strap for my neonoe noir. I ordered last Thursday and it already shipped Saturday. I heard their quality and communication/customer service is outstanding and excited to receive it!!
  9. I have this strap too - it`s great!!!
  10. Bought NF vachetta handle wraps and long crossbody strap for pochette accessories. Wonderful seller and great quality.
  11. They say to leave
    They said to leave it in the sun, but I will just allow it to happen naturally. As it is a slider piece, I’m sure it will patina fairly quickly, as I’m literally touching it every time I need to open my bag.
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  12. That’s great to hear! Thanks