McQueen Skull Scarf too delicate!

  1. I bought one of these in the small size and while I love the design, it's SO delicate it's almost ridiculous. I'm afraid to even tie it on my bags for fear of snagging it :weird: I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue? I can't imaging having the large one as I know I'd snag it all over the place. Is mine defective lol?!? Maybe it's because of the silk and all but gosh it's super touchy. At least for me:smile:
  2. I just bought the large one but haven't gotten it yet. I am planning on using it on my bags, though. Are they really that delicate?!? If so, I guess I will just have to be extra careful with it......
  3. Silk is so strong, but it definitely can snag. Is the scarf a lighter weight of silk, making snagging more of an issue? I haven't had any problems with the silk scarves that I've got, but I don't have long nails, and they aren't really lightweight.
  4. Mine is really lightweight so I'm sure that's why. It snags so easy :sad2:

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