McQueen skull scarf - still trendy?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I received the McQueen skull scarf as a gift recently, but have been unsure about it. I think it's a cute way to punch up some of my wardrobe.

    Do you guys think the scarf still has legs...or is it quickly on it's way out?

    I'm trying to decide whether to keep or return it. I apppreciate the input! Thanks! :smile:
  2. I like it still, I'm actually looking for one at this moment! I say keep it! : )
  3. I still think there is a fair bit of mileage in this scarf!! Keep it! :yes:

    BTW - What colour way is it?
  4. ^ Black and cream...fairly standard, but it's lovely!
  5. i have a black and white one that i went mad mad mad looking for two summers be honest, it hasn't seen the light of day for a while now just coz i see way way too many skulls around...

    if you have other things you want/lust/need now, i would suggest returning it and getting a skull scarf from Top Shop or somewhere else (OU) for a fraction of the cost...but if you like it and can see yourself wearing it (as a hairscarf/belt/around your neck) and don't really need to extra $ for something else, then keep's bound to come back in style somewhere down the
  6. ^ Very good advice.

    I actually haven't seen it around here at all - I live in Washington, DC and while people are starting to catch on, it's still fairly conservative in nature. I've seen loads of them at Neiman's, but not sure if they've been selling? I wear a lot of black and grey, and my office is fairly casual for DC, so I thought it would be fun to wear.

    I have the gift receipt, so I figure I can hold on to it for a while to decide.
  7. I have the black with cream skulls, and I personally love it! It's obviously not something you can wear with anything, but it's an item that is rather unexpected. This is why I love it! I am going to keep mine for the long haul, because I think it will always be a good item to have in my wardrobe.
  8. I still like them
  9. I love mine -- and I am actually partial to wear stuff past the "trend" esp. if its an accessory which I think have a longer lifespan than clothing.
  10. I still like them too! I love the green one.
  11. I live right outside DC and just got a dark blue one about a month ago. I love it and find myself wearing it a ton! I say keep it :yes:

    Here's a couple pictures with me in mine:love:
    Mcqueenscarf.jpg sammyoutfit.jpg
  12. ^ Very nice Sammy! I'll have to keep an eye out for you and your scarf/Balenciaga! Hehe.
  13. hehe definitely :smile:
  14. I wear mine all the time which is also cream and black. They just have such a nice feel to them. I say keep it.
  15. i'm desperate for one right now!

    i want white/cream with black skulls.

    honestly, they probably don't have a LOT of life left in them... i see them as more of a trendy item.. but at least another year or so?