McQueen scarf owners

  1. Anyone else annoyed with their scarf?
    I've only worn mine a couple of days and I'm sick of people talking to me about it.
    I love the scarf, the length and the design but I hate the attention it's getting.
    Things like, "OH MY GOD LOOK AT HER SCARF! IS THAT REAL!?!?!"
    even my husband asked me not to wear it again when I'm with him HA!

    Seriously, the FIRST thing I taught my children was manners. What's wrong with people.

    Suffice to say, I'm not wearing it anymore :cry:
  2. I have one, but haven't worn it yet.... now you've got me worried!
  3. Aw I know how you feel. The first time I brought out my magenta b-bag, I had like 8 ladies jump at me. I'm tiny and only 18, so I basically ran out of THAT boutique. But I got more annoyed at the fact that people would ask to touch it and would inspect it, to figure out if it was real or not. Then, they'd play with the tassels and squish the leather and violate my purse in all sorts of ways!

    But you shouldn't let that stop you! It's a great scarf and it's obvious that you really like it- just wear it and ignore those around you. They're probably just curious... don't mean any harm.. ^^
  4. I was considering buying a McQueen scarf to go with my Novak, but then decideed against it, simply because it was too recognizable. I didn't want people asking me if it was real/assuming it was fake/thinking I'd jumped on a trend bandwagon/wondering if I'm a pirate. Too much hassle, IMO. Sorry all the attention made you ditch yours. :sad:
  5. Ah I'd still wear it and just ignore them like flies... they will go away, promise!
  6. I'm actually really surprised so many people can recognize it! Do you live in a very fashion saavy area?
  7. LOL! That's so funny! But don't stop using it. It's gorgeous! I've only pulled mine out once. People were looking but they usually look at my bag/shoes/whatever anyway! People are funny that way!
  8. double post
  9. People are REALLY into fashion here, oddly.
    I live in Calgary which has a lot of oil money flowing through it ;)
    I've literally worn it twice and had 5 girls around the age of 20 talk to me about it!
    One was our WAITRESS! It was almost embarassing enough to prompt me to leave.
    I have it up on eBay now and I'm sort of hoping no one buys it because I TOTALLY love it, but I can't stand that reaction!
    I don't mind people looking... but coming up to me and talking to me about my scarf?? It's too much you know?
  10. I don't mind the *looking* it's the TALKING!!
    I swear I'm not an introvert!!
  11. I agree with Meg...I wouldn't take it personally. No need for you to be embarrassed...wear it with pride! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks...and most people are probably just admiring it.
  12. I say keep it and rock it. Who cares what people think? People who are so quick to judge people they don't really know are just envious.
  13. No no, I don't care what people think... I just don't want to be talked to by strangers about it!! Snob much?
    I don't want to waste my time standing there, and I'm not a b**tch enough to ignore people when they start to talk to me.
  14. Do you speak another language? if so, just reply in whatever is your next best tongue, smile sweetly and pretend you don't understand whatever they ask.
  15. if its metallic silver/black I'll take it off your hands LOL. I doubt many people would recognize it around here.