mcqueen novak

  1. Hi! Just wondering if anyone here may have seen a novak at a b&m or online store anywhere? My lemming's awakened and I am regretting not finding one when they were around. Thanks so much!
  2. do they still have them at net-a-porter? i remember seeing an email about them...
  3. NAP definitely has them...
  4. Luisa Via Roma has a couple on sale too
  5. Great bags! I have two, and I love them!
  6. NAP has one -- Floral Novak $2085!
  7. I ordered the brown one that was on sale at LVR yesterday. Similar to the experience of another TPfer, they emailed me to let me know that there were some scratches and whether or not I still wanted it with free shipping. I said yes, partly because it was such a bargain basement price and I'm sure I can buff it up so that the scratches are not so obvious. Only paid the equivalent of £170, which I worked out to be 77% off the normal retail price here in the UK. What a bargain! Can't wait to receive it.
  8. I saw one on the sale table at Neiman Marcus Atlanta about a week ago!
  9. I received mine yesterday from LVR!! Its a beautiful brown and much nicer than in the pictures they sent me. There are a few scratches but I will try to buff it up. I love structured bags and to me this is ultimate structured bag!
  10. I have to echo that as well - my local NM's had a ton on sale last week, during the pre-sale. If you know specifically what you would like, you should call a NM store and see if there are any available.

    Good luck!
  11. NAP as mentioned and maybe the Browns boutique too which is also on-line. Otherwise phone calls to major department stores in large cities might be profitable.