McQueen Novak (med) on sale at for $305

  1. oh my gosh they have a ton of McQueen bags now at really great prices! Thanks for posting this.

    And don't forget to use pp@yoox for 5% off and Lucky rewards if you have that for a 10% rebate.
  2. the novaks are all sold out, except for the ostrich :sad:

    i have loved that bag since seeing it in hovercraftier's avatar!
  3. This was really a good price! But as a consolation to those would have wanted one, I had one before in navy (gave it to my sister) and it scratches easily, definitely not a throw-around kind and the whole time I owned it, I felt like I had to be super careful and I realize I don't want to be paranoid all the time.
  4. Thanks! They sold out really fast. I bought the small gold snakeskin one, will post pics when it arrives. And then I'll probably return it when I remember that I can't afford it:nogood:...
  5. they are real good prices but sold out so fast. I really want one but too late.
  6. What is MUA? (where the first poster said she found this deal)
  7. usually it stands for make up alley but on this forum I can't be so sure!
  8. I can't even begin to say what I would have given for one of those bags, either!
  9. you are so lucky. the item has been sold out
  10. AW! Bummer...someone must have just gotten it.
  11. Sorry new to the forum,

    but this looks like a great deal for this pretty hard to find Novak!