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  1. So, I had my first mammogram today. (At age 35, a lot of women have their first mammogram, which serves as a baseline for comparing to all future mammograms.) No problems. :yahoo:

    I was told that it was going to hurt...:rolleyes: It was not bad at all, ladies, so don't be scared. The technician and I were cracking up the entire time about this cartoon:
    I am here to report that mine do not look that way.

    What surprised me most of all was how quickly it was all over! I've been in the McDonald's drive-thru much longer...It was over quick!

    After my very positive analysis, the doctor says to me, "Everything is fabulous!"

    All I could think about was Dave Chappelle's "Faaaaaaabulous NY Boobs" skit.:roflmfao:
  2. yea for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :wlae:
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. So many women are terrified to have them. I hope this helps to make some a little less nervous.
  5. Yay! I'm glad you got your mammogram done! To me, they are not comfortable, but no real pain to speak of. And, the technician makes all the difference.
    I've turned the task of getting a mammogram into a birthday present. Every year on my birthday (unless it falls on the weekend) I go in for a mammogram.
    Ladies, this is not a big deal. You've done and endured far more unpleasant things which I don't need to mention here. So, if you're 35 or older make an appointment and have your mammogram done.
  6. I also had my first one at 35 last year. Was a total piece of cake. Absolutely no pain and done in an instant. Congrats to you and your health!
  7. Thanks, ladies!
  8. I had my first one done last year at 20 & boy was I scared b/c my mom kept saying how painful it is especially if you don't have any. LOL! Well, I can honestly say it wasn't what I didn't hurt abit. I do recommend it when you hit your thirties and to check yourself every month in the shower. Just for precaution!
  9. I had my first one at 20... not recommended at all but I had a scare. I can not stress enough for people to do breast exams- it is quite easy to do in the shower!!!

    Sooo glad to hear your exam went well!!! :yahoo:
  10. How do they do mammograms for women that have very small breasts? I don't think I have enough to squish between 2 pieces of plastic :sad:
  11. ^LOL. They have their ways...they gather every little piece of breast you possibly have & squeeze it between the plastic. Then you have to hold still & don't move a muscle b/c your boob might fall out. Haha..that's part of my experience.
  12. Thanks for your post! It reminded me that I have to schedule my own, as my doctor worte out a prescription for my first one in May! It is very important and should be a priority; not just on my list of something I need to do! Congrats on your proactiveness!