MCM reversible shopper tote

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  1. I like this bag. And I'm quite intriqued. Should I purchase it?! Seems to be very uncommon. Sold at Bloomingdales and Saks. Price is $540 for the smaller size and I think the large is too big for my everyday purposes. I like to be different but I just don't know!
  2. ?
  3. What's the question mark for?
  4. Not sure if you bought this already but I own the large and love how it's reversible and fits everything! I will saw though it has to be properly stored or it can have stretch marks :smile: hope that helps!
  5. I have one! love it :smile: and the little pouch inside is like a bonus!!! i think bloomies is doing power points event so u can get 75 gift card with purchase. Lemme if u need mcm specialist info.
  6. I like the reversible tote I think is a good alternative for a tote