MCM Michael Cromer Munchen Bags..know of them?

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  1. I just purchased two MCM bags, apparently an older brand made in Germany by the designer Michael Cromer in Munchen, hence the MCM. The company is now owned and designed by someone else.

    While there are many styles and colors, mine are the vintage standard monogram full leather MCM bags in cognac. They have the general feel and shape of an LV but are made from full leather, quite unique. The monograms bears a Greek laurel as part of the design, very pretty. Both photos are from e-sha on Ebay, I bought the Sac on the left.

    Has anyone ever heard of this brand before? Any photos or other info about the brand to share?

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  2. I just recently heard about this brand a few months ago. There are a few places in the States that carry the newer bags, such as Bloomingdales and Intermix. I like the new stuff too.
  3. i remember these bags from back in the day. they were quite popular among my sister and her friends. i also remember an 80's rap group, Finesse and Synquis, who used to wear MCM suits. i don't know if the suits were fake, but i know in Detroit, where i grew up, you could see fake MCM everywhere, just like you do nowadays with LV. the brand was really nice though so it's good to see it coming back in style.
  4. I'm glad MCM has made its comeback although not as spectacular as I would expected. MCM used to be as valued as LV in Europe. I think they might be even bigger then LV considering their bags are made of leather. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to stock on a few MCM pieces while their prices are quite long as the craftsmanship is on the same level as it used to be.
  5. i looooved this brand!
    it was very popular back in the 90's.i used to buy their bags +clothes+accessories. it was a real hot brand and not so cheap.all of their bags ( that i bought) was made of a great quality of leather.i still have their stuff i'll take pix someday and post it for u.
    congrats on ur purchases.
  6. I heard of this brand through this forum. If you do a search, there are a few threads about them. I looked at their new bags on Bloomies and they are cute. The prices on the mono ones were also fairly comparable to LV. The patent one is also gorgeous. I like the ones you found too. Great buys!
  7. I have a collection of MCM luggage from the late 80s that i purchased in the South of France. I had it stashed away for the last 20 years. I was thinking about putting it up on ebay because i haven't used any of it in years. When i purchased the pieces nobody had a clue what MCM was. There was a store in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Dr. but it never really caught on in the US. Now i see they have made a comeback. Just a year ago if you typed MCM in on Ebay nothing would come up. Try it now and you will get a page full of items but only handbags no luggage. I have about 14 pieces and debating if i should sell or not? Its all in really good condition for being 20 years old . It was made really well too as i used it non stop in all my travels. Most all of the pieces are cognac but i do have a suitcase with the black monogram. I think the black is hard to find as well as the pieces in white. Cognac was the most popular style so i do think there are more cognac pieces around. Now I'm glad i kept it as a few times i thought about giving it away just to have more storage space.
  8. i remember those sooo well.

    my dad bought my sis and i the cognac sac for school bags when we

    were in high school back in the late 80's. we thought we were sooo cool.

    he had told us that they were very expensive but we didnt really treat

    them very well.

    i just came across my sis's one, dont know where mine is, and i want to

    have it restored and maybe sold.

    they do bring back fond memories of my childhood. :lol:
  9. MCM used to be famous back in like 10 years ago...but I think the company was bought over by a Korean lady now..Glad that they're back now!
  10. Yup...indeed....the Koreans bought it but kept the MCM rights.
    Michael has sense started another brand, Michael Star, but I don't think it's doing as great as he'd hope.

    MCM is not made of's coated canvas as LV...Or is it just the black that's coated canvas? I have to verify but I know for a fact that their black line is coated canvas.

    OK...I just got my white MCM Speedy and it is indeed coated canvas....the pipping, lapels, etc are leather.
  11. I had one that I bought about 20 or so years ago. It was the speedy version. It lasted forever! Held up really well and was a great everyday bag. I finally sold it some months back for about what I had paid for it, so it held it's value!
  12. I just purchased the MCM city shopper from Bloomingdales. I had to buy it through the internet site for Bloomingdale's because the Hackensack, N.J. store doesn't carry the line and the NYC store carries the line, not that bag. Anyway, I received it in three business days and I am in love for the first time in my life with this product. I have finally found the handbag of my dreams. It was soooo worth the $$. It even came with a cosmetic bag with handle. I cannot tell you where I have ever seen better leather and workmanship. I am hooked.:nuts:
  13. They've been around forever. I've been back and forth between here and Europe since the early 70s and I think I first saw them in the 70s. I've never been into them though.
  14. I think I saw an MCM boutique in the Plaza when I was in NY last winter. They looked very nice, but I did not stop to look closely as my husband was with me. I can't shop for handbags with him- he would have a stroke.
  15. I haven't seen these bags in forever! I didn't know they were still around, I'll have to keep my eye out.