MCM handbags comeback mentioned in NYT

  1. This is from the New York Times July 15 issue...

  2. That bag is gorgeous to look at.
  3. I know patent leather doesn't speak to many, but, for me, wow, navy blue patent stops me in my tracks! :drool:
    And the fact that I have a (vintage 80s?) MCM satchel means I'll soon be taking it out!
  4. Fyi, the bag looks blue in this pic that I got from, but in my paper edition, its actually a vivid true purple.
  5. Wow, purple patent seems decadent! I'll have to go find a paper edition.
  6. Nice bag, I like it, has an 'edgy chic' look to it.
  7. likey! :drool:
  8. wow that bag is gorgeous! i have 2 MCM bags i haven't used since college lol! maybe i'll take 'em out again now!
  9. OMG I still have my bag from the 80's with the logo all over it!
  10. I like it.
  11. I've always loved MCM, they were such well-made bags. I hope they bring them back!