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  1. Does anyone know much about MCMworldwide handbags? I saw them in an article recently and I think they are really interesting, vintage, classic style bags.
  2. i only seen them on eBay and i think my mom had it when she was young, check eBay for the range
  3. MCM handbags usually run from $600 up. Bloomingdales might carry MCM as i have seen them there before.
  4. There are already 2-3 threads on MCM bags here and you'll find them if you do a search.
  5. Thanks!!!!!!
  6. Does anyone remember these bags, they were really popular in the 80's and 90's? I was in college at the time and remember I always wanted one. Anyway, out of nostalgic reasons, I bought one today, it's like a reissue of the old bags and I love it! I can't believe how nice it is IRL and it's so well made, amazing....Just wanted to share....They recently opened up a store at the Plaza in NYC....they also sell them at Bloomingdales.
  7. I remember. Congrats on your new bag.
  8. LOL, Yes how can we forget the MCM bags. This was my 1st designer bag my father brought me. Congrads on the new bag :tup:
  9. I remember these bags. They were very popular. It's a very nice purse. Congrats!!!!
  10. Congrats!!
    I love the MCM bags, but I don´t really like this new vintage bags, the designer Michael Michalsky tells two years ago, that he will design some new bags with a new "live". Now I the new collection is vintage nothing is new, okay the silver HW
  11. I loved the brand! I actually have a little MCM 'pochette' for leack of a better description, It is a very small bag with a flap and magnetic snap on a long thin strap - actually good for going out with just the very basic for a not-too dressy evening, and I don't have the worry about setting a hand-held down and forgetting it. It is in a dark dark taupe with either dk brown or black trim, (don't want to dog through the closet r now). Very neutral and not too noticeable to have on my shoulder. I think I have had it for at least 12-15 years! I still use it.

    Looks like yours has pebbly leather? Mine is like (some? or all?) of the old styles that had that very smooth leather (was it leather?)with the same logo print as yours.

    I knew this brand before I even was familiar with LV!
  12. Yeah, in the late 80's it was really hot hot hot! Teenagers work holiday jobs just to buy the jeans, belt, clutches, wallets, and the infamous backpack. At that time designer/branded backpacks were the rage like the equally disgusting infamous Moschino one. I checked into the newly revamped website and am quite amazed that they are really going to bring back this brand in full force. Pity that my brother just came back from London, otherwise I'll get him to get me the boston bag. Still I'd prefer the old ones, more classy albeit they have really long straps that were popular during the 80s. Anyway I do agree that (old) MCM bags were very well made and worth the penny spent.
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    HI ALL !!!

    Actually, they're very popular here in Greece for the last 3 years. I own a small "barrel" in whisky colour. Now that blue-black is popular again maybe their bb collection will be a new trend. (I'm sorry if my English is insufficient). i don't know the prizes in the US. This one didn't cost more than 300 euros. the other trend are the longchamp bags at school and for weekend excursions. i own half a douzen of them in different colours
  14. I absolutely love these MCM bags. I have sold probably 6 - 8 of them on eBay. The backpacks are wonderful and they are so durable! I still have a few of them..... a small black one with the gold chain and I may just find them and list them... If anyone is interested.... let me know. :smile:
    Congratulations on your new "goodie". I hope its just the first of MANY more to come!!
  15. Anyone remember the MCM brand (it's around but is owned by a Korean woman)?

    People still have the older stuff? What about the new, more colorful ones?

    Just wondering...