McLean VA visit

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  1. On biz travel so naturally I looked up the closest boutique. Had lots of fun - the SA was so sweet. She let me play with lots of goodies.

    A few pics. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466294433.438129.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466294443.039401.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466294452.290316.jpg

    That last cabat ITDF!!
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  2. That cabat is TDF!
  3. I just realized - if all we do is 'like' a post, and don't respond, it's not near as fun. Ha ha. Anyway, what's up with the burgundy Cabat? It's like points of light or something?
  4. Don't know about points of light. She said it's the new wine color.
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  5. I love this Boutique. It's small but they're very friendly and kind. Just a really pleasant place to shop.
  6. Thanks - it is a pretty color, for sure! :smile:
  7. How fun! I love the striped clutch on the table!
  8. The black toned Cabat is indeed really gorgeous. Is the red Cabat supposed to Barolo? It looks dustier than in pcis Diane provided.
    The striped clutch is really cool too.
    What fun to play!
  9. Unfortunately I didn't think to ask the name. I was too enamored with the striped cabat and trying to decide which kid to sell to fund it. JK lol
  10. I love that one too! The burgundy Cabat looks more loosely woven, hence the points of light at the intersections of the strips. Is it smooshier?
  11. Off topic but didn't want to start another thread. My SA from Boston sent me a few things on consignment and thought I'd share these lovelies. I passed on the goodies because I did purchase a couple of things (small) in McLean. They just arrived so will post those later. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466952802.153909.jpg
    Just love the silver details along the sides. These are so pretty in person.
  12. totally agree on the silver soles!!:heart:
  13. Beautiful bags!!! I love that boutique and stop by when we're in VA, it doesn't hurt that they're in the most fabulous mall either :smile:
  14. Here's the loot from my visit. My first pair of shoes. Oh my! Vesuvio. And a silver lanyard. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467304739.117632.jpg
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    I got the same shoes! I really like them. And the lanyard is cool too!