Mckenzie, does anyone own one, or has before?

  1. Is anyone the proud owner of a Kooba mckenzie? I need a clutch for a wedding and I'm very tempted to get this one is the rose color. any comments? should I just go for it?

  2. What are you planning on wearing cause I always felt the Mackenzie was a little sporty and will do good for a casual purse to lunch or something.
  3. Oh really? that is dissapointing. The invitation to the wedding says formal. I am wearing a black BCBG halter dress which is black but the skirt portion of it has sheer sections and the underneath linning is tan so I thought the rose color would sort of match with that...its kinda hard to explain. So you think nay?
  4. i think it's a little too casual too for a wedding, esp if the dress code's formal.
  5. How about the Penelope? It's definitely dressier!!
  6. Oh yeah, I hadn't seen the Penelope until today after I posted this....PRETTY!! but not on sale yet unfortunately. I am in a pseudo purse ban at the moment the fine line of that is "unless its a really good deal" Adasa has the mckenzie for $199!! Maybe I will just get it anyway...sigh...
  7. I agree re: Penelope. I love that little bag!
  8. What about the haydon I think it's onsale right now at and it's black.

  9. Oops Sorry, they don't, website just using color as display.
  10. What do you guys think of Jamie? too casual as well? I like that is little.
  11. I think the Haydon would be nice but I agree....the Mackenzie is waaaay to casual for a wedding. I had the bag and it's a rugged looking thing, squarish and no nonsense. It has more of a masculine flavor than a feminine....KWIM???
  12. Oi...I didn't even see that, but then again I haven't seen one IRL.

    Well thanks for everyones comments. Any suggestions on an affordable clutch? I am not so much of a clutch person so i don't feel like breaking the bank for one.
  13. How about a Lauren Merkin? They are rather affordable. Or even Hobo International (They're available at