McDonald's Iced Coffee

  1. Who else is hooked? I'm not a coffee drinker but at $1.70 for a medium and a choice of 3 flavors I thought what the heck. Yummy !!!!!!!!!! It was so delish ( I tried regular and vanilla flavors) and I got a huge caffine buzz that lasted for hours.
  2. I love it. However where I live they only have 1 flavor, regular iced coffee. It's really good. When I ordered it the lady warned me to get sugar to put in it because it really needed. I tried it w/o and I thought it was fine. I did put a couple sugars in it though.

    I love that the large is 1.99 and it's actually large!!!!!

    I love starbucks and tim hortons but I HATE that you pay 3.50 for a "large" and it feels like the size of a baby food jar. If I'm going to pay for a large coffee drink and I'm going accept the hundreds of calories and huge amounts of sugar that I'm going to put into my body, then I actually want to make it worth it. :p :graucho:
  3. ^ I agree. Starbucks is so overpriced. I always go to QT for some French Vanilla and I looove it. I haven't tried MD's iced coffee yet though.
  4. I haven't tried it.
  5. Apparently in our neck of the woods between the hours of 12-2 there are free samples.
  6. I had the vanilla one.

    I had diarrhea for HOURS. Never going to drink it again!

  7. I didn't even know McDonald's had iced coffee. If it's got a lot of milk though I'll probably end up like Leah411 since I'm lactose intollerant.
  8. hey where do you guys live? Here in Vancouver Canada we have no such things... no such things at all!

    I get my buzz at tim horton's that's pretty much it!
  9. I stopped by McD's yesterday morning & asked for this darn iced coffee..they didn't have it.

    boo hoo..

    I ended up ordering a deluxe big breakfast w/ a o.j.
  10. Tim Hortons iced cap is the best ever!!! I miss them.

    I had no idea Mc Donalds had iced coffee...I shall try it.
  11. I haven't tried it, but I'm sure I'll like it since they use Seattle's Best (and I like their coffee). I didn't know there was more than one flavor. Tim Horton's is great also, but I have to travel too far for it.
  12. I'm hooked, I love the vanilla one. It doesn't hurt my tummy either and I'm lactose. But all the way up in alaska its $2.95 for the medium:sad: So ya'll are lucky!
  13. The ice coffee was in Taiwan for many years ago (but no vanilla flavor, just regular sweeten ice coffee with milk) and it was pretty good. Now I would like to try the one in is it in every M's already or just selected stores?
  14. Here it is.