McDonalds has Iced Coffee!

  1. I tried it this morning for the first time and it was YUMMY! :tup:
  2. ahhh I keep forgetting to try this...perhaps because I never go there lol but I want to try it.
  3. I wonder about the calorie count. i looked on the website but did not find iced coffee listed... I imagine it is very high in calories... nothing at Mickey Ds is good for you.....
  4. I cant wait to try it.
  5. I imagine it is not good as far as calories go! They had hazelnut, vanilla, or regular flavored. I got the regular and it was quite sweet tasting. I would not have it everyday, but it was a great treat!
  6. Since when is a standard iced latte from any coffee house ever good for you?? LOL. I know they use Seattle's Best and just add milk and flavoring or sugar. I think you can get it without also. I love it and always order the hazelnut when I'm driving through. I love sweet coffees, and it's surprising how well this measures up for less than half the price of the large is HUGE.
  7. Oooh, I want to try it!
    It'll be hard cheating on Starbucks.

  8. The large is HUGE! It was under $3 so I thought that was a great deal! It is quite a bit less than I usually spend at Starbucks. I will have to try the hazelnut next time!
  9. I had the regular the other day and it was HUGE and good lord it was SWEET!!! Im sure its loaded with sugar!
  10. I don't think the McDonalds here in OC CA have them.:tdown:
  11. I posted a long thread about this when the Iced coffed debuted.
  12. A venti iced coffee at Starbucks has never cost me more than $2.70 with tax.

    And it's not super sweet... I prefer to add to taste. I tried McDonalds once and almost choked because it was so sweet... where was the coffee?
  13. You don't have to order it sweet. Actually, the mcdonalds large is quite a bit bigger than the venti and is 2.19 near 7-11 big gulp size. Usually with all the ice at either starbucks or here, it makes a difference since there isn't as much as it seems. Plus they add the flavor which I love. It's the right sweetness for me, but I like either my coffee black or totally done up with the flavorings and that really adds up at starbucks. I haven't shifted from starbucks and I still go there moreso than mcdonalds, but if I specifically want iced coffee it's worth it to go there. Since they use Seattle's Best, which is comparable to starbuck's prices if you go to one of their baristas and I like just as well, I might as well drive thru.
  14. I went again yesterday. The large was $1.89
    You can order it without the sweetner! YEA! It was very good.
  15. hehe, is this new in the US? I've only lived in Germany for a bit over a year - but I guess I've become accustomed to the fact that 95% of the McD's here have a McCafe in them, where they sell Iced COffee, and other Starbucks type drinks, along with cakes, muffins, etc.