McDonald’s Coupon Book $1*For Children 12 & Under

Dec 5, 2006
Weddington, North Carolina

If you’re a frequent patron of McDonald’s and have children 12-years and younger, you might want to be on the lookout for a Coupon Book the next time you grab a burger. They’re selling for $1 and in exchange, you get three copies of the following coupons: free baked pie, free small apple juice or milk jug, free small cone, and free apple dippers or small fries. The 12 coupons don’t expire until 12/31/2011, which means I have over a year to figure out how to make myself look like a child so that I can swing some free food!



Dec 10, 2006
I bought one coupon book two weeks ago at my local McD. It was $1 plus tax. So, today I tried to use a coupon at a McD outside my city and the cashier wouldn't let me because she said that location was independently owned. Also, I had my DS with me.


Mar 21, 2007
Thanks, we always buy these and it is a really good deal. We also give them away during Halloween to neighbor kids and our own kids.