MC Zippy Coin Purse!

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  1. When is the MC Zippy Coin Purse going to be released??

    princesselektra purchased the white MC Zippy Coin Purse from the members only night at the Brooklyn Museum. She posted pics in the LV main forum and its TDF.

    When are they going to hit the boutiques???
  2. I love it too! I was surprised since I normally don't love MC, but I think it's cute in small doses. I asked my SA about it and he said maybe the end of April or early May, but he wasn't sure. I told him to call me for sure. I think it will be really useful for smaller bags.
  3. Oh man!!! Something else I *need*!!! There goes my ban...again...any idea on the price?
  4. 375 w. tax i think
  5. ^TY!! Must phone my SA...I'll wait until tomorrow though when DH is gone back to work :graucho:
  6. hmm didnt hear about this one either! lol. i must be outta the loop!
  7. i heard in May as well.
  8. I love it, I think I may get one in Black.
  9. I can't wait for it to be released!!! I've been looking for a new small wallet to use with pochettes and it is TOO perfect!
  10. It's now available at eluxury. :tup:
  11. I just saw the white and black on eLux too.
  12. ^Wow, that was fast! It's gone already!
  13. do you guys think it's silly to get the zippy purse if I have the koala already? and I haven't even used it? :sad:
  14. I love it!


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  15. 2 white in stock on elux