MC Widescren iPod to be released + many pics!

  1. So yeah... I went by the mall today to look for a Mother's Day present for Mr. T [my mom, it's inside joke :p]. Anywho... I swung by LV to look at the Denim Cles... I'm still on the fence about it, and wondering if I should get it or not? :shrugs: My SA was flipping through the Look Book and I saw that an MC Widescren iPod case is to be launched in July and was priced at $270 if I'm not mistaken! :nuts: I saw other bags that were coming out, and only remember seeing those Monogram Canvas bags with black leather trim. While my SA went to the back room to bring out a bag I wanted to look at, I snapped these pics while I was in the store... I hope y'all enjoy! :smile: Also, Happy Mother's day to all who are moms! :flowers:

    OT: I got her a Vera Wang perfume that came with a Neiman Marcus cosmetic bag with lotsa other perfume samples, and a white Vera Wang box with a soap, cream, and a sample of men's cologne.

    [Sorry if the pics are blurry... they were taken with my camera phone.]


  2. [​IMG]


  3. Thanks for the 411! I have a mono one that hubby got me for valentine's day, but boy i would love it in MC!!!!
  4. Ohhh the new mono with black trim!!! Yummy!
  5. Well darn, I may just have to break down and get that one too! It would be my first MC piece!
  6. yay!!! good thing I just got a new ipod!!
  7. Monogram Canvas bags with black leather trim!!!! I cant wait for these, any info on styles? price? release date?
  8. NOOOO I already have a MC case for my ipod but its not wide screen! I cant buy another lol :sad:

    lovely pics! I LOVE the Congo GM
  9. Thanks for the pics John!
  10. awesome!!!!!
  11. Oh- wow! I've been wanting one in mc forever!!
  12. Great pics. Thanx
  13. I am so glad I waited. I want a black MC one. thanks for the pics.
  14. Thank you for great pictures John and i hope my son grows up to be as thoughtful and sweet as you are to your mom !
  15. Ooooh, a MC Widescreen Ipod Case! :drool: I want, I want, I want! Thanks for the heads up and the extra pictures John. :biggrin: