MC white theda bracelet?

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  1. Need help~~ i hope i got the name right. i am desparatey looking for a brand new MC white theda bracelet (the one with buckle, thinner in width) in LV store. is it still possible? have anyone seen them lately in store? how about price?

    thx for 100000X....
  2. I have all 3 bracelets, I believe these are what your talking about. I paid $290.00 each I think they are $300-$315 now?

  3. oh, maybe you mean the SMALLER one, sorry I misread it. They still have them, proably around the same price, I would stick with the wider version because it shows all the Monogram, not just the 2 flowers :smile:
  4. thx Matt, then, i might start calling the stores.
  5. I think they have some like this at Birmingham LV in the UK.
  6. If you cal your local store they can order it in for you from another store =)