MC white pochette GM & chain key holder! *pictures*

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  1. I had tons of doubts in terms of using elux, but I wanted to purchase something before the price increase. No LV shop is near our house, so decided to use elux. I ordered MC white pochette GM and the chain key holder along with few cosmectic items to get the free shipping!:graucho:

    I could not decided between MM and GM, but I am glad that I got GM. It's roomy and big enough to use as a small handheld bag! One good thing about it is, the front pocket is perfect for iPhone! The really soft microfiber lining is perfect for iphone...just perfect.:tup:

    I debated between white and black, but as I have white MC speedy, I wanted the color to match it. I could not help but love the RED microfiber lining...just gorgeous....:nuts:

    I bought the chain key to match the pochette. It is just perfect. I can attach it to the D-ring inside.

    I am so happy!!!!!:yahoo:
    IMG_2751.jpg IMG_2753.jpg IMG_2761.jpg IMG_2763.jpg IMG_2769.jpg
  2. ooohhhh congrats ....
    beautiful pochette...wear her in the best of health!!!
  3. Forgot to attach the inside picture.
  4. Wow I love it so much! Congrats! You've made me want to buy one hehe :biggrin:
  5. So pretty! The key ring attachment makes the pochette so useful! Congrats!
  6. Thanks everyone! I just love them!
  7. Gorgeous, the colors are beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Its beautiful! I like the idea that you purchased the key holder. I have the pm which comes with a key holder and I love it! Im going to eventually get the GM too; do you mind me asking how much the key holder was?
  9. Congrats!!!!
  10. Congratulations
  11. loves it! i've always wanted one...congrats!
  12. your pochette is really beautiful! wow, congrats!
  13. sooooooooo pretty! now i totally want one! can u do a modelling picture of holding it in ur hand as a small handheld bag?
  14. I love it! I have the MM and I want the GM too! Great color combo, congrats!
  15. Ooh~ Very pretty! Congrats~