MC white here to stay???? please help

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  1. me to convince my mother that it is one of the "new" classics.

    after the poll a while back we finally decided to go to LV last saturday (oh my, you could get addicted... sofa king tempting). anyway, after much deliberation and trying it out we narrowed it down to MC white alma or speedy. i have to be honest I am not crazy about the speedy in general and not in MC at all - I prefer the alma but hey it is my mum's choice.
    now she keeps going on about how she would be soo upset if the MC is going out of "fashion" as she keeps saying.... :nuts:. now I see her point, she has decided to only buy bags that last a while for time being -
    so I told her I would ask the tPF LV experts.

    what do you think - is she better off buying the classic monogram bec tomorrow the MC is over?

  2. I think it's a fun twist to the classic monogram and should be here to stay for a while. Although I don't know if Louis Vuitton has the courage to keep making them in the future.
  3. I think they will be around a long time from now.
  4. I personally think the older MC pieces, like the speedy and alma, just have too much going on with the hardware. The newer ones like the Noe and Priscilla I think are much classier and simpler considering there's already so much bling with all that color-the simpler the hardware the better. JMHO!! Good luck!!! :smile:
  5. the MC line is here to stay. I have the MC speedy in white and the MC alma in white and black. I love all three bags and have never regretted any of my MC purchases. I think anyone who loves LV, should have at least (1) MC in their collection.
  6. i have the same problem with my mom. i cannot convince her to let me get an mc speedy. she feels that i'm going to get tired of it in a few years.

    is this bag for you or your mom? i can see how mothers could be turned off by mc since its sort of a "young" print.

    i agree with the rest that mc will be around for a while. unless the rumors about murakami are true, then they'll be worth even more perhaps.
  7. what rumors?
  8. I've seen tons of multi on people's arms and never on anyone young except me in person (if 28 is even young? I feel ancient! lol)

    It's been out since 2003 and they are releasing more bags in the multi line in spring and fall, so it looks like LV doesn't have plans to stop anytime soon.

    I personally LOVE it and I think LV would be dumb to stop making it since many buy both black and white as well as brown mono of the same bag if they like the style.

    It's pricier than brown mono, so it's harder to justify, but I personally believe it is a great item to have. I'm a lover of all black multi but do have some whites, but it is up to her. I thought I'd like white, but never wear it except rare occasions in summer. Black is a staple year round for me tho, so I can justify the price more for that color.

    Good luck choosing!
  9. Love your wapity thing on your signature paula! lol
  10. hi everyone,
    thanks for responding!

    the bag is for my mother but as a summer bag (obviously). it is not uncommon here in ladies of all ages, not just super young ones. it suits her really well I have to say and I like the bag - she is the type who can carry off a lot of hardware etc. and we tried the priscilla and on her it was absolutely no good. but then my mother is the type of can carry off rhinestones on shoes etc (we are totally opposite in that respect)

    as for me - i just found the LV bag love: damier azur! (some of you got me to look into this one - love it!)

    oh, and yes, what rumours? thanks

  11. ^ thanks! (and yes 28 is TOTALLY YOUNG - going on 30 this year :wtf:, what happened to the bloody time!)

    well, she is looking for the summer bag but I think she caught the bug so surely will go back for more! she already has an epi but I am pretty sure there is more to follow.

    we shall see...
  12. I love MC, it's my favourite line! If even you say that your mom can pull off the look, then what's left for us to say? lol if she likes it, then definitely get it!:yes:
  13. It definitely is..and it will always be "in" as long as you love it.
    I still love my MC bags, I'm going to use my white MC Alma tomorrow. :yes:
  14. I love MC - its so pretty. And I hope its here for a long time. :yes:
  15. In my opinion, MC will be classic, too many people love it for it to fade away. I especially like the more understated MC bags like Lodge or Eliza. I want one of those in black of these days.