MC White Cozy purse or MC White Flat coin purse?


MC Cozy purse or MC Flat coin purse

  1. MC white Cozy purse

  2. MC white flat coin purse

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  1. Hi gals, i wanna get a MC white coin purse but dun know which one to choose between the two. Which one can hold more notes/cards/coins? Thank you!! :heart:

  2. They are both about the same size. I think the cozy is cuter!
  3. i really like both, but cozy gets my vote.
  4. MC white flat coin purse gets my vote. I love the look of it.
  5. cozy - love the button!
  6. I like the cozy better
  7. whhooops I voted for the wrong one...I like the one without the button..I think the button is too big in proportion to the purse size.

  8. Love the porte monnaie plat:heart:
  9. :yes: I agree!
  10. I like the Cozy, I think the big button is adorable.
  11. The Cozy is adorable!
  12. Porte monnaie plat gets my vote. I have a one in mono and one in CB and it's amazing how much it can fit.
  13. i voted Cozy! .. there's no vachetta to worry about!
  14. My vote goes to the cozy! It's super cute! I own a black one :heart:
  15. I agree. I like the PMP more!