MC white/black speedy: value for money??

  1. Hi all! ;)

    A few of you will know that recently I've been yearning for a framboise Bedford. Since the discovery that there are (apparantly) none left in the UK :crybaby: I've turned to something else.....a white MC speedy!! :nuts:

    Never in a million years did I think I'd even consider spending so much on a bag!

    Before I make a commitment to the speedy though, I would like hear all your comments about this bag :smile:

    Is the white high maintenance?
    Does the brass scratch easy?
    Is the buckle fastening annoying?
    Is it value for money? etc, etc.

    Also, what colour is the interior?

    Can't wait to hear everyones replies!! TIA :flowers:
  2. The white is fine to me, I've had it since it was launched and it's still pristine. The brassware wears and tears which is normal, minor scratches can't be avoided anyway. There is no buckle, just the S-lock on the front pocket which I don't use anyway. The main part of the bag is zippered anyway. The interior of the white is a very dark rich maroon.
  3. the interior is lined in raspberry suede. i dont think it is high maintenance. pen marks would be a problem but i think there's a thread on cleaning this. try searching the LV reference library. but then of course, you shouldnt bang it all around.

    it's a pricey bag but it is also very gorgeous bag and definitely a good choice for a first LV!! not the usual bag you see on the street. i say go for it!! :yes::heart::smile:
  4. It is a lovely purse that I don't use as much as I should. I have it in white, and it is gorgeous IRL. It holds a TON of stuff, but don't fill it too much or it gets to be a bit heavy. Other than that, expect LOTS and LOTS of stares! If you are on the fence about one, try it out at your nearest LV first. If you love the look but not the weight, try the Multicolor Trouville. I have that one too and use it a LOT more than my speedy since it is smaller and weighs less.

    To answer your questions specifically:
    Is the white high maintenance? Not more than any other bag since it wipes clean.
    Does the brass scratch easy? Not too much
    Is the buckle fastening annoying? I just keep mine unlocked unless I won't be opening it for a while.
    Is it value for money? etc, etc. It is a beauty that I should use more. That being said, I don't regret purchasing it, but I should use it more.

    Also, what colour is the interior? A beautiful raspberry red/maroon alcantara
  5. I too have had my since it's launch. I love this bag, except it can get very heavy! Let's us know what u decide.
  6. White MC is pretty easy to care for. If you see any dirt marks on the canvas, just wipe them off with the damp cloth. Brass DOES scratch easy but the scratches can be buffed out at LV. I never fastened my buckle when I had the bag so I can't really say wether it is annoying or not. The lining inside white MC speedy is maroonish shade. To be completely honest, I do think it's overpriced but if you love it and will get a lot of use out of it, go for it!
  7. Its a great bag...definitely my favorite so far. Its not high maintanence...but I also have the MC auriela in white..and it didn't get dirty.

    Like the others have said..the inside is maroon..and the brass can get minor scratches on the bottom.

    Another bag I just bought is the MC Rita. It officially launches on 4/1..and it is the same size as the MC Speedy.
  8. i hope you get it! i love mc, and the white canvas is not really a hassle, nor is the buckle!
  9. White isn't as high maintenance as white leather would be. The canvas will pretty much wipe clean with a damp cloth. The brass will scratch fairly easily it's more the case of being conscious of how you handle you bag. You can't bang it around as much as say a Mono Speedy. The buckle fasten would probably only be annoying if you needed to get in and out of that pocket constantly. Most people that use it often simply don't bother buckling it.

    Value is definitely a personal opinion. Some people have had their bag since launch with no issues while others have had to deal with some stuff that would kill me after spending so much on it.

    Overall it's a GORGEOUS bag that will stand out in any crowd. When I saw it in person I couldn't put it down. The way the brass shines is simply stunning. :drool:

    There are a few things that would make me leary of purchasing one.

    1. The fact that the Multicolor fades with use and time. ( I am fairly hard on my bags - but this may not be an issue for you - check eBay for examples of this).

    2. Alcantra lining bleeding through the white canvas.

    3. Brass looking worn and abused.

    4. Bag is fairly heavy even when empty - I can't imagine what it feels like full.

    5. IMO it doesn't look as cute sagging as the Mono does.

    Even with all those issues... truth be told. I would still buy it cause it is a gorgeous bag and I LOVE it. It comes down whether or not YOU feel it is worth the money. Best of Luck with your decision!
  10. I have to say that mine doesn't sag. It seems that the brass corners keep mine from sagging?

    Inside my bag I have MC porte-tresor wallet, a Porte-Monnaie Billets wallet and a medium ring mono agenda. (not to mention makeup..etc!)

  11. I have both colors in the MC Speedy and let me tell you....these were the best I ever spent on a LV. The white is as crisp as the da I got it and I've carried it a bunch. I LOVE my Black one though, it my prized bag. :yes:
  12. Hehehe, cute you mention this because my bag never sags and I purposely pull at my bag to make a sag, cause I love it!!!! lol :yes: :heart:
  13. i have to say I love my MC speedy. It is a bit heavy though. It is not high maintenance. You just have to be careful because sometimes the LV colored logos get scratched out
  14. get the speedy in white, you won't be disappointed.
  15. good luck and happy hunting!