MC Wedges - Anyone own?

  1. Hi girls! This is my first post in the LV forum. :smile:

    I found a pair of MC wedges on eBay and they are adorable!! I really want them, but I'm wondering if these shoes are comfortable at all though? I know that some wedges can be VERY stiff and cause a lot of blisters. I live in NYC, so inevitably do a lot of walking on a daily basis. Are these shoes that I could wear out around the city for an afternoon and not cripple myself?

    Also, do they run true to size or do they run small like most Euro sizes?

    Thanks so much! :idea:
  2. Welcome to LV....Before you even consider bidding on them, make sure you post pics in the "authenticate this LV" thread to make sure they are authentic.
  3. I have the white ones..I can wear them for awhile but not to walk around much because they HURT. I think I've only worn them about 3 times. I get blisters on my little toes because they're constantly getting rubbed against by the vachetta. It's annoying because they're adorable shoes but they're not good for much walking at ALL.
  4. Thanks for the responses. :smile:

    Do they run true to size or small?
  5. They run a half size small.
  6. I'm all over the board with LV sizes. I am a US8 but have fit into a 37-41!
    However, In most LV shoes I wear a 39. So, I find they generally run small.
  7. lv shoes usually are NOT that comfy..