MC Wapity

  1. took it out for a was my friend's wedding party and i wanted it to match my dress...

    everyone LOVED it :yahoo: they were taking pictures of my baby......

    however..when i got home i put it aside, back into its dustbag and gift box, and straight into the closet...have taken it out for a smile :smile: but..really...

    all i wanna ask is..any MC wapity'ers out there that are thinking..maybe this little one isn't really useful? :shrugs:
  2. it would be great if they add 2 inches to it all around. :smile:
  3. I use it as a wallet sometimes, too. Especially since I use big bags, it's convienent to pull that out and go, for a quick errand, lunch, etc.
  4. i have the white one, and i love it just the way it is:tender:. i use it on its own, when i don't feel like lugging a whole bag out with me

  5. Oh... that would be... just WONDERFUL. I would def. buy it.. but nooooo. My camera had to have a lot of junk in the trunk... :crybaby:
  6. I use mine all of the time. It's like a little wallet & keepall in one. Holds everything you need for quick trips to the store. Cards, cash, ohone & lip gloss. I keep my camera in there if I need it & carry my phone on my wrist or in a pocket. Wapitys rule!
  7. I use mine as a camera bag and my camera fits great in it. I have a Cannon Powershot Elph tho so it is really small.
  8. yeah, i use it as a lunchpack. i put it inside my handbag, and just take the wapity with me if i go out for lunch or just coffee and leave my handbag in the car. :yes:

    it houses my camera perfectly too...

    it IS a bit too small, but i figured, hey i already paid for it, so i just have to maximize its potential. lol:nuts:
  9. I agree...I haven't used mine at all :sad: I planned to use one as a camera case, but the small size and all around zipper makes it rather annoying to get into.
  10. I want a wapity!! They look amazingly cute and I would use them for little errands like going to the store etc.
  11. i understand that they are really useful for short trips..but i really can't put my wapity inside any bags that i have..i have something against putting my one and only WHITE MC choice inside anything!! JUST in case the interiors of my bags are dirty!!
  12. i just simply love my white MC wapity, its kinda cute.. eventhough it's rather useless for me :Push:
  13. no no..don't get me wrong..i love it too!

  14. That's exactly what I use mine for too! Whenever you don't want to carry a handbag (all my bags are huge), movies, errands, brunch, some quick shopping, etc. Adding 2" all around is a bad idea though!:yes: Love that Wapity!
  15. I have a Mono one, and while I think it's very cute, I've never used it. I have an older phone that's pretty big, and when I put that in there, there's not room for anything else. I'm getting a new phone in the next couple of months, so maybe I'll be able to use it then.
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