MC Wapity

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  1. I'm thinking about buying one. For those of you have a wapity, can a PDA phone fit and perhaps a lv mono credit card holder?

    I'm looking for something I can just attach to my wrist and carry phone, cash & a few cards when I'm running around.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I think the CC holder will barely fit, but not too sure on the PDA phone. :hrmm:
  3. My Treo does not fit.
  4. don't think either will fit....I was able to squeeze in my damier cles in..i had to fit it diagonally...I didn't try to close the zip either so not sure how well that would go...
  5. My sidekick doesn't fit...but the cc holder might. It's a fun bag:wlae:
  6. Thanks guys. I'll probably end up buying it anyway. It's too cute!
  7. ^^ yup! you should definitely buy it! I plan to use mine lots this summer!
  8. OOh Jo. Our DHs are gonna ban us from TPF soon:roflmfao: . Can't wait to see pics.
  9. mj - dh always gives me the looks but he agrees when I show him how cute. He knows i'm going to buy the wapity and he knows i'm waitlisted for the denim zippy. After that, i don't have my eye on anything. i'll have to wait until the fall. hehe
  10. i love my Wapity. i have the white one, and it's very useful when you don't want to lug a whole bag around with you :yes:
  11. I just purchased the wapity in MC white. I'm waiting for her to get here. I'm with you its just to cute.
  12. I really like the MC wapity in white but I've decided to wait on that purchase since it won't be as useful as I thought it would be. Since it won't fit my phone, I'll have to find something bigger. I'm now thinking about the denim flat pouch with a wrist strap. The MC wapity is still on my wishlist though for 2007.
  13. ^^It'll fit a camera- does that make it more practical? :graucho:
  14. I use PDA phone (p800w) can fit in and a few card, cash there as well
  15. krtty - Is that a sony ericsson phone. I have a SE p990i. My phone is a little bigger. I'll have to visit the store to see.