MC Wapity White! problem with colors rubbing off?

  1. Hi Guys! I'm was going to go to LV store tomorrow to get the mc wapity in white :heart: Anyways, I was reading some threads posted here saying that the colors rubbed off!:sad: Is that true with yours? I really want it but now i'm not sure anymore. Please help!
  2. Heard the same about the rubbing off..but it's so darn cute!
  3. does the colors rub off in black mc too??
  4. I have a Black MC Speedy that's 3 years old and color is rubbing off in 3 spots. It's nothing major though & you don't really see it unless you look up close. I believe this is normal for the MC line.
  5. It's normal with wear on the MC it is because the colours are silkscreened on to the items just like Cherry Blossom, Groom & Cerises etc. So at points where they rub they will rub off
  6. Thanks ChiChi! If its nothing major then I don't mind.:sweatdrop: imo mc wapity is too cute to pass off.
  7. I'm moving to Thailand soon. The weather there is hot and humid all the time. Do you think its a bad idea to get MC or the other line with silkscreen? Only because it may rubbed off too quick??
  8. on my white mc pochette it's only at the corners. not real noticable but it should stop there. not had a problem with it rubbing off in any other areas.
  9. I've had mc white PTI for a long time
    it has ruboff spots here and there but that didn't stop me from getting a wapity in white
    as for the wapity, so far so rubbing off yet
  10. my MC white wapity still looks brand-spanking-new, no probs at all, and it's an adorable piece!
  11. It's normal for the MC. If you look very close, you can see tiny, tiny marks where the color missed when printed. It shouldn't keep you away from the line. I think it would take a lot of wear and a lot of years for it to look really bad.
  12. if you have a mc bag you can read it from the small booklet it says that you cant actually expose your bag to sunlight or any bright lights because the colors will tend to fade thats why i never use my priscilla on any given day, i use it at night or when its a cloudy afternoon.:push:

    but if you really fancy the wapity dont hesitate to buy as long as your willing to take care of it.
  13. I personally have had no problem with my mc wapity, or any mc actually.
  14. ^^Same here, no problems on any of my pieces.
  15. i guess it just depends on how you take care of it. but i know someone who bought a white mc wapity and it rubbed off after several days. she took it back to the store and it was replaced immediately, no questions asked.