mc wapity vs azur pochette

  1. i need a little cosmetic bag, and i was wondering which one does everyone prefer the mc wapity or the azur pochette and which one holds more
  2. Azur pochette holds much more.

    Wapity holds only a small short lipgloss, powder and a lip/eyeliner pencil.
  3. The azur pochette holds more than a wapity. I like it more too! loL!
  4. I would normally choose the MC Wapity because it is just TOO CUTE! :love:

    BUT, the Pochette is bigger and would hold alot more cosmetics then the wapity. :yes:
  5. Azur pochette is large enough for makeup and can double as a small clutch!
  6. thanks everyone, i guess there is only one choice