MC Wapity or Trunks & Bags Mini Pochette?

  1. I'm looking to get a little pouch to throw inside my bigger two favorites are the Black MC Wapity and the Mono T&B Mini Pochette. I'm looking for something that will hold lip gloss, cell phone, stuff like that. I think they'll both do the trick, but which do you think is more practical? I want but don't need which to get?
  2. I would pick T&B Mini Pochette 'coz I'm not a big fan of black MC :smile:
  3. I have the T&B mini and I love it.
  4. I have the T&B mini and I love it!!!
  5. I pick the wapity. I have two Wapitys and I just love them. But if they came out with T&B in Damier I'd pick that. Both are nice. Whats nice about the mini pochette is that it will fit in larger and smaller bags where as the wapity won't.
  6. T&B mini, only because it's super cute and will get less beat up inside your bag.
  7. *eek* Thats a tough choice as both the T&B and MC are gorgeous.

    Hmmm ..... close call but I say go for the MC WAPITY. :yes:
  8. I have the T&B mini too and it is so cute:love:
  9. Yeah, that is a tough one. I would go for the black mc wapity because I LOVE black MC.
  10. Black Wapity, the mIni Lv signs are soo beautiful. I wanted it..!
  11. Mini Pochette. It can fit longer items and it is easier to get into. I have a Wapity as well, but only use it for my camera.
  12. I have the black MC wapity, and it's cute and all ... but I find that it's a little hard (just a little) to get my things in and out of it. I just use it for my digi cam and the zipper still scratches it a little. So I suggest the T&B Mini Pochette, the opening is wider and much easier to get things in and out of.
  13. I have both (well i'm going to get the trunk one), but I like the mini pochette better, it's bigger. and it can hold more stuff. you can get the wapity after the mini pochette.
  14. ITA!:yes:
  15. Thanks guys! I've ALWAYS wanted the wapity, but I've never gotten it because I couldn't think of a use for's just so darn cute! The T&B seems a bit more practical...