MC wapity or mini HL?

  1. Hello,
    I'm thinking of purchasing either a MC wapity case or a MC mini HL (both in white) Which one do you think is cuter and serves more purpose?
  2. wapity vote here. i love the smaller LV monogram on it as well.
  3. I like the Wapity also. I agree with Michelle on the tiny print..I wish the mono one had the smaller print as well!
  4. Wapity.
  5. like michelle and rebecca stated, the mc print is so adorable on the wapity. i have one in black and its just too cute.
  6. Wapity. I have never liked the HL.
  7. ditto to what everyone said above. the mini print is too cute.
  8. one more vote for the wapity!!
  9. MC wapity gets my vote.
  10. mc wapity! i have both a mono wapity and white mc wapity and they are soo cute! i was just applying protective stuff on the strap to prevent deep darkening... they are so adorable i cant stop looking at them :biggrin:
  11. now if the HL had the mini lv print...i'd totally consider! :biggrin:
  12. mc wapity, its so cute.
  13. It's unanimous! MC Wapity gets my vote too!
  14. MC Wapity :smile:
  15. Vanessa, get the mc wapity!! that is totally cool! and i will buy that someday too.