MC Wapity or a Wrist Strap for my Tikal?

  1. I just purchased a Pochette Tikal and would like a wrist strap for the d-ring. I see the strap can be purchased for $73.00 on elux. But, the Wapity also comes with the removable strap, which I could use on my Tikal too. And I would have a wapity for $262 more. What should I do???? I know many people here like their wapity! If I were to go w/ the wapity, should I do the black or the white? Thanks!
  2. I say get the wapity. I use my MC white one all the time. It is very useful for its size.
  3. if you have normal pochette, you can use pochette strap.
    I thought the strap cost around $56

    I personally prefer white wapity..
  4. I do have a normal pochette! Didn't even think about using that. Great idea! I think the price of the strap just went up. Still, the wapity is quite cute!!
  5. Really?? Last time when I inquired about it SA told me $50 something. I know wapity is super cute, I wished they sell wapity strap. When SA told me to buy pochette strap for tikal, I said I have pochette at home . I thought the strap will be like wapity one.
  6. they sell the wapity strap here in Australia though, i enquired about the strap and my SA told me it's like AUD100+ *i couldnt recall the exact number*

    IMO its quite pricey for a strap only, i would rather buy one with the wapity :P
  7. MC Wapity vote right here!
  8. Definatly get a wapity! They are great!! I have the black one. I think it's more practical if you are going to be using it a lot, you won't have to worry about the canvas getting dirty.
  9. I think you should get a wapity. It's adorable... I'm definitely going to get one for my digital camera.
  10. i would get the wapity, it's just too cute! :heart:
  11. The wapity for sure!!!in white!
  12. i buy yesterday the mc wapity so i say go for the mc wapity in whit! it's adorable!
  13. i vote for wapity also. i have a monogram wapity and love it