MC wallpaper for everyone!

  1. Just decided to share with my fellow PF darlings my personalised MC desktop wallpaper! :love: i edited it myself so that u can tile it too... :P
    this was in another thread btw, but thought more ppl would be interested ;)

    i think i'm definitely broaching some copyright laws but whatever :worried: HEEHEE

  2. u did a really good job it looks perfect tiled :lol:
  3. i know! took me forever! hahahahaa.... *obsessed*
  4. that is so cute! and great job :smile: thanks for posting :smile:
  5. Cute!!! I sure would like a BLACK MC wallpaper!! *hint hint*:biggrin:
  6. That's awesome, thanks !
  7. It looks great on my desktop. Thank you very much! :biggrin:
  8. Awesome job! Thanks! The black would look good too :smile:
  9. Nice! :biggrin:
  10. yay!! its so cute!! to bad my hubby would ***** if i left it up. but very nice job!
  11. Awesome thanks,
    Now i can switch between this and the cerises

  12. thank you.
  13. Thank you!
  14. thank you!!!!
  15. that's awesome!! thanks!!