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  1. Did your multicolor LV logo get rub off with daily use? If so, how long did you use it before it get rub off? Thanks....I bought a white MC french purse a while go, but it's still sitting in the closet because I am worry that the color will get rub off.
  2. I've have my white MC porte monnaie plat since for 3 yrs and use it almost daily- no color rub off at all!
  3. I have a MC PTI in white and no rub off so far, I bought it about a year ago and I use it often. Hope that helps.
  4. Still as good as new! Except of course the vachetta has darkened with age but I absolutely love this piece It is the 1st LV piece I ever bought.

    Picture 024.jpg
  5. I have been using my white MC koala for over a year and it looks as good as new. If you take proper care of your accessories they should be fine.
  6. No rub off on mine either. I don't use it everyday, though. I rotate.
  7. ^^^^DITTO^^^

    I rotate my wallets, with no fading or ruboff
  8. Thanks everyone!
  9. I have a MC agenda that I abuse everyday for school and it's still perfect (except for the dirty leather now lol). So ya, since it's made of the same canvas as the other MC accessories, i'd say don't worry about it and enjoy your wallet! :biggrin: