MC Ursula

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  1. Hey all.. i have a problem.. When i first saw the Black MC Ursula i told myself i MUST HAVE IT. i went into the store many times to drool over it and the price tag:tdown:.. Finally i have it. But now.. im just not so in love with it, been in the closet for a while.. Many have commented on its beauty even my BF so im sure if i should let it go to a new loving mum..
  2. I will love it for you...gorgeous bag drools..........
  3. If you're not using it much, i'd say sell it and get something you ARE in love with!
  4. I'm sure it hates living in your closet...
    if you are willing to let go, perhaps it will find someone who will absolutely love it more !!!

    then you can get something new!! Lots of new stuff coming out !!
  5. If you are feeling ambivalent about this gorgeous bag, you may be happier letting it go and getting something else that would really make you go nuts! I thought I was in love with my MC white Ursula last April, but it wasn't for me so I exchanged it for a white Rita which I LOVE! Good luck!!
  6. can u still do exchange at the store? think singapore is 30 days store credit. it's a Very Beautiful bag and an expensive one too. as such if u are not using it please exchange fast :smile:.
  7. Sell it! If it's not LOVE, no sense on keeping it.
  8. YUP! If you are not happy with your new purchase, sell it that way you can use the money for something else that you really like.. what is your eBay ID??? LOL:graucho:
  9. It's SUCH a gorgeous bag... but if you aren't content with it and using it everyday, I'd exchange for another. ;)
  10. I thought the same thing and returned mine, too much leather! It is GORGEOUS though!
  11. OMG!! I love it... I would take it out and start using it
  12. I just got this bag this week in White MC and I love her to death! :love:

    She is my favorite bag so far.

    Maybe try to take her out 1 more time and by the end of the day if you still feel like your not "IN LOVE" with her ..... then the best thing to do will be to let her go to somebody else that will carry her and love her. :smile:

    This bag is way to gorgeous to be sitting in any closet.
  13. I should probably do just that!! i mean u nv know right.. Thanks GUYS!! Great help as usual!! LOVE THE PURSE FORUM..
  14. What a gorgeous bag! Tell us what you finally do with it!
  15. I agree with other posters... is exchange an option for you?