MC Ursula!!

  1. Can someone tell me if MC Ursula is a limited edition? Will it be a perment line of MC? I never realli like MC but after seeing the pix of MC Ursula I figure this is one of the bag that I must have as my LV collection!! :heart:
  2. The Ursula in Monogram Multicolore is a permanent bag.

    It really is a HOT bag! I recommend it highly! :yes:
  3. thx u ~~~John!!
  4. Does anyone know how much Ursula cost in Canada?
  5. Permanent!!:p Good thing!
  6. I read on here that some people's SAs said it was seasonal when it was first released. Mine told me permanent, as the others who posted before me said. Just wanted to add that it has been said to be seasonal by some LV employees tho, just in case we turn out to be wrong. lol
  7. ^-- jus get it M==== she's TDF!!!!!!!
  8. heyyyy you!! Love the avatar, you LV traitor! lol

    It's back on elux, with tons in stock. I'm thinking of going white for it and black for the Rita. Then maybe a white Rita too if I like it enough. I had planned on getting both colors of it so we'll see.
  9. glad to hear its permanent, I need to save and buy one.
  10. The ursula costs 2000.00CAD in Canada. I have it and love it, however it is huge!
  11. I just bought one! Cant wait for it to arrive, My SA at LV Scottsdale said they arent sure if its seasonal, they said they havent heard if its part of the permanent line yet.
  12. It's definently permanent! I'm hoping to get one!
  13. permanent until its not. we know how that goes....