MC Ursula or MC Beverley MM?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a MC Beverley MM but I also want an Ursula. I looked at the Beverley IRL and it was OKAY.

    I personally like the big bags, but the Beverley looks cute too!!! AHHHH!!!! Help decide!! And also would you guys get the white or the black in any of both of these bags?

    Thanks! :s
  2. Get the ursula! That's an awesome big bag...the beverly mm is probably going to be too small if you like bigger bags. Either bag is gorgeous though!
  3. Beverly MM! Ursula is very heavy -- you might not want to put a lot of things in it!
  4. How heavy is it? I was carrying my Tivoli around today, and noticed that the bag itself is very heavy... :S I didn't like that... But the reason why I love big bags is I have a lot of stuff and I just want to throw it in there... and with the Beverly I might be constrained in terms of "bag space" :girlsigh:
  5. Beverly MM!!! I love it!!!
  6. I'd get the Beverly MM in white ... the Ursula is heavy and the chains hurt my shoulder.
  7. is that why a lot of people are selling their Ursula? I saw a couple on Ebay... :S But isn't there some sort of padding on the shoulder strap? well at least there's leather where your shoulders would be no?

    Any other cons for Ursula?

    Thanks! :P
  8. I'd say get the Beverly...I have the Beverly MM in monogram and it's great. The Ursula is super heavy even when it's empty and the chains are awkward and the bag is kind of bulky so it's a little awkward to put on your shoulder...
  9. Beverly MM !! Can't go wrong with either black or white..such a gorgeous bag!
  10. I prefer Ursula. I dont know why, it just looks so fresh etc. :yes: But white or black? Hhmm, if I have to choose I say black. But white is nice too. Ok, I'm not helping at all! :P
  11. One more vote for the MC Beverly MM. :yes:
  12. my vote is the beverly, i agree that the ursula is heavy
  13. haahahha... I see somebody understand how hard it is to decide between the 2 colours and the two bags!!!!!! hehehe:wlae:
  14. Beverley
  15. <----- White MC Ursula!!! :P

    I :heart: mine sooooo much.