MC Ursula or Diamonds???

  1. Hey husband and I are going to be celebrating our 5 years wedding anniversary
    :yahoo:yey!!! He asked me what I want and gave me 2 options. Jewelry from Tiffany's or a LV purse. I know that diamond is forever but I really love love LV. So I went to the LV store in Rodeo and saw the MC Ursula...I fell in love:heart:! The bag look so different. Not a lot of people carry this bag unlike the MC Speedy. So I need your opinions regarding the ursula. So I'm calling all Ursula owners to give me input re this purse - likes and dislikes so I can decide if I should get this purse or opt for jewelry for my anniversary gift. Thanks all.:tup:
  2. Hi there...
    I think you should ask for the jewelery..I'm a guy and I always thought that buying jewelery for my girlfriend is better that anything else even though she loves bags...but if you don't wear jewels go for the bag...but what woman can say no to the blue box? Good luck and Happy Anniversary...
  3. I'd say the bag personally... :tup:
  4. i'd go for the bag. but then again i'm not a jewelry person at all. and i really like the Ursula. i agree, it's not a bag that u see everyone with. the only MC bags i tend to see are the white MC speedies.
  5. is MC multicolore?
    I'd choose jewelry!
  6. Personally I'd go with the diamonds esp. for an anniversary present ... it would have more sentimental value imo.
    I also bought the ursula a while back and returned it because it was too heavy and the chains would hurt my shoulders. Again, just my own opinion.
  7. I like the ursula too, that's a tough one, coz I like diamonds too.
  8. As much as I like anything LV, when it comes to a choice betweens diamonds or a purse, diamonds win everytime!
  9. i'd go for diamonds if i were you:smile:.
  10. Tough choice as I love diamonds and LV! I would go for the diamonds...can I make a recommendation though? Unless you are going for a signature piece with a specific Tiffany design, I recommend purchasing diamonds through a site like Blue Nile or from one of the many recommended vendors discussed on pricescope dot com. Don't get me wrong, I love Tiffany and specifically Elsa Peretti designs, but if you are getting a diamond solitaire or three stone ring where the design is a bit more common, you can get larger stones for the money. Can't wait to see what you get!
  11. diamonds. everyone tires of their bags no matter how much they "love them" a new one always comes around
  12. definitely diamonds....purse you can get for yourself...but jewelry is so special to say that it came from a loved one...
  13. For me:

    "LVs are a girls bestfriend" .... NOT diamonds. :p

    I'm not a jewelry person obviously so I'd go for the MC URSULA.
  14. I wish I owned an Ursula! Diamonds can wait!
  15. Since this is for your 5th wedding anniversary, I think you should go for the diamond!!!
    I love blue boxes as much as i love the brown ones!!!