MC Ursula: Opinions?

  1. Hi everyone,

    What are your opinions on the MC Ursula?? I tried it on in the store and it's huge, but I like it. Kind of reminiscent of the Stephen (with the pleat and all).

    Be honest....let it all out!!!

    I think it may be the closest to a big huge unstructured LV bag that I can find!
  2. Not my thang. :shrugs:
  3. Of the new MC bags it's my favorite! The pleating, hardware, and vachetta just work on this bag!
  4. I saw this at my store...its gorgeous! Wish I could afford it!!!
  5. I just purchased a White MC Ursula this past Tuesday :wlae: .... and I can't stop looking at it. It is very big but I am a big bag girl so I LOVE IT to pieces. Well worth the money, in my opinion. Here is mine. :love:

  6. Thanks you have modelling pics by any chance?
    Are you planning on using it handheld or shoulder? I tried it both ways....and the handles slipped a little...but not too bad! I wish it was like the Stephen with a messenger strap!
  7. I bought my gf the black one, looks great. It is a very big bag. but shes very tall and looks great with her.

  8. I do not have any modeling pictures at the moment but I will take some tonight since I don't have anything else to do. :p

    I will probably use it both handheld and shoulder but probably mostly handheld or hanging on my fore-arm (kind of like the same way one would carry a speedy).

    I totally agree with you, I wish it had a messenger strap too! It would be so much easier to carry since the Ursula is so large.

    Well, I will take those pictures later tonight and post them up for you as soon as I download them on my computer! :biggrin:
  9. Aww thanks're a sweetheart!!!!

    How tall are you (if you don't mind me asking)?

    I'm only 5'5....but the SA swore that it looked good on me....that it didn't overwhelm my frame.
  10. Hmmmm...I just compared the size of Ursula against the Speedy 30 in MC...and it's only 4" longer, and 2" taller. Not too bad!
  11. I bought the Ursula first, but exchanged it for the Rita (both in white). The Ursula is such a stunning bag, but when I put all my stuff in it, I found it too cumbersome. It was hard to get in and out of and I wasn't able to overcome my aversion to open-top bags even though it has that gorgeous flap on it across the middle.

    If this is calling out your name, check to see if you can easily take your stuff in and out of the bag. Gotta warn you that the bag is very heavy. Actually, both the Rita and the Ursula are heavy bags, heavier with all my stuff in them, but I didn't mind that at all.

    Good luck!!!
  12. Thanks Purse. I saw the Rita...but did'nt like it as much because it was a little more structured and I didn't like the pocket as much.....but I will keep that in mind when I try it on!

  13. Hey twiggers, I got the pictures!

    I am actually 5' 9''. I know I'm a giant. :shocked:

    Since your 5' 5'', I asked my sister if she could let me take pictures of her holding it. She is 5' 2'' (much shorter than I am) and weighs 140lbs.

    PLEASE EXCUSE HER CLOTHING! She was just about to go to bed in her mix-matched pajamas. She had a long day today. :lol:

    Here she is carrying it on her shoulder.


    Here she is carrying it on her fore-arm (this is they way I plan to carry it).


    Here she is holding it handheld (another way I plan on carrying it).


    I hope this helps. :biggrin:
  14. Yeah, it is just slightly larger than the MC Speedy 30. If you look in my signature it shows the MC Ursula right next to the MC Speedy 30. Maybe that will help you see the size difference.
  15. I:heart: this bag. Being so big it would definitely command quite a bit of attention. Is it heavy?