MC ursula now on elux

  1. if anybody is looking for the MC ursula, I just now saw it on elux. Good luck and happy shopping:yahoo:
  2. Ban, ban, ban, not even gonna look.......
  3. Does the new MC styles come on the LV website too?
  4. yay! can't wait to see pics today!!! (for those going into boutiques!)
  5. oh my god, they also have the new Marilyn!!

    she's bautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    i wonder how much does it cost in europe! HOTTT bag!:drool::drool::drool:
  6. They have the marilyn, the ursula and the rita.
  7. Oh cool.
  8. great news!
  9. These are on there as well

  10. Great!
  11. These are some fun bags. Someone here bought the Ursula in Black and it looked great on her!
  12. I love the Rita the best.

    They are all fabulous though!
  13. Yea I like the Rita the best too..
  14. I saw it at Valley Fair, it's bigger than I thought....and for those that don't know about the name change this was called the Neo Audrain the look book.

    The one that just said handbag in the look book is now the Rita


    So this release the small MC is the Marilyn (as in Monroe), Rita (as Hayworth) and Ursula (as in Anders)
  15. I just saw the Damier Hamstead PM. I want it in Azur :hysteric: