MC troville in white or black?!


Which bag do u prefer? or which on do u think i need to add to my closet?

  1. White MC trouville

  2. Black MC trouville

  3. others, please let me know which one

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  1. Hi just purchased a MC white priscilla, and now i am think about get a MC trouville, do u prefer black or white. why?!
    thank u all in advance.

    the bag i have now, Mono speedy, damier pappillon, MC white priscilla, 3 chloe paddington in brown, blanc, red. chloe python cognac, dior lady black, chanel navy shoulder bag, gucci tote and shoulder bag in brown.

    just for ur refrence, please help me to choose which color i need to add to my closet :idea: Thank u.
  2. i like the white!
  3. I'd go with the white!
  4. 0o0 hard choice - i reckon they both look so beautiful... i think i'd go for white... :-\ good luck on which one you decide to get! :biggrin:
  5. I go with the white as well. I love the white MC more than the black in general; IMO it looks classier. Go with whatever you love more!
  6. I prefer white than the black.

    But you said that you have white priscilla, may be you can consider to get something in black.. Both are beautiful bag..
  7. Most def BLACK! :love:

    The colors just "POP" out more and you won't have to worry about it getting dirty to easily.
  8. i have one in that's my vote!! :smile:
  9. Both are sooo beautiful! But I love the white more!
  10. white! cuz im going to get one in white! :biggrin:
  11. maybe a black troville becoz u already have a white prisclia....
    but i think white trouville is really cute... god it's hard.... but might endup buying more mc... so you can have your white team and black team...
  12. love that word...white team and black team!!! LOL

    so can anyone five me an advice according the bags i own, which bag do i need to add.:rolleyes:

    Thank u all
  13. i have the white Trouville and i love it. it's so pretty and feminine in white
  14. I say black. since you have a white MC piece :smile: change can be fun ^^
  15. I love both, but prefer white.