MC Trouville Owners

  1. I am thinking about getting this as my next bag. Maybe even next month in vegas....i normally have never considered this bag but i saw a picture of someone on here with it and i really liked it.

    My question to the people that have it is, do you love it and if so why? or what are some things you dont like about it?

    I guess the regular trouville owners would be helpfull too if the bags are the same except for the color but im not sure if thats the case.

    Thanks for any help!

    BTW the only other MC bag i have right now is white Speedy 30.
  2. I have a white MC trouville. It was my first MC bag and I love the colors. It made me want to get another MC bag in black - one month later. It is more of a handheld than the speedy. I wish the handles were a bit longer so it would fit better on your arm. I think it has enough room inside and it is easy to get in and out of. I don't use it as often as my other bags but I love it.
  3. Honestly it's my least fave bag that I've ever owned. If you're used to a speedy, the trouville isn't as user friendly so it's hard to bring myself to use it versus my speedy. I sold my black mutli one a few days ago because of that and I feel relieved. lol
    I love how the colors are placed one it and the shape and look but hate the bag when using it.
    The handles are much shorter and it makes it hard to carry shopping because I can't wear it up in the crook of my elbow like I do my speedy so I can handle shopping bags.
  4. I think you have both told me things that would make it impossible for me to love this bag. its so pretty but i see what you mean exactly and i dont think i would end up using it.

    Oh well something else will come along...thanks for your help!
  5. Maybe try the Priscilla, the handles are longer so it can be carried like a speedy. Or maybe a black MC speedy to match your white one.
  6. i have the Trouville in white, and it's my favorite Multicolore bag. it's not as common as the Speedy, and it's so pretty and feminine. it can also hold a lot, and it's very comfortable on the arm
  7. ^^ thank you i think i will "play" with it when i am in vegas. I think i will know right away if its a good bag for me as soon as i hold it.

    i also like the eliza because its a shoulder bag and the lodge but i like the idea of a black speedy also. :graucho:

    i really like the way the trouville looks so i cant wait to see it in real life!
  8. It's really cute and like Yeuxhonnetes said, it's relatively uncommon. Try it for sure!
  9. i have one in black MC and it is my favorite bag. its the one i've used the most. its pretty roomy though sometimes its hard to get in and out of. and i agree that it is pretty uncommon, especially black.

  10. I second that..:yes::yes:
  11. Me too - I love it!
    I wear it on the crook of my arm - No problem!

    Its easy for to get in and out of, love the convenient front pocket and it's not as common as the multitude of Speedy everyone and their babysitter owns.