MC Trouville or Speedy 30

  1. As you first MC purchase--what would you pick?? I'm wondering if the Trouville would be too small for me? I'm 5'6 size 10. Thanks!!
  2. i love the trouville! :love: :love: wish i had enough money to get one. hehee.
  3. MC trouville...
  4. I have a speedy 30,if your interested please pm me,thanks.
  5. Well, I think every LV fan should have a Speedy.
  6. Leah, If your going to post about Louis Vuitton handbags please post it in the LV sub-forum, this is the celebrity section.:biggrin:
  7. Sorry about that--I was tired when I wrote this and didn't realize. :amazed:
  8. MC Trouville!!!!!!!
  9. I say go for the speedy! It's so cute!
  10. Mc Trouville!!
  11. I absolutely love the MC trouville! my vote goes for that =)
  12. I love the Speedy but if you have to choose between the two, I'd say the MC Trouville!
  13. The Trouville is nice but I love the shape of the Speedy!
  14. Speeedy! What color are you thinking?
  15. Trouville