MC trouville or MC speedy?

  1. hi everyone, i was trying to figure out how to post a new thread for a while as not very good in it... OMG!:shame: i'm new here and am thinking of getting my very first LV bag. i love the MC monogram. dunno should get a MC speedy or a MC trouville... i'm only 5"1 and will use it as a everyday bag. or does anyone has any other suggestions? you guys are so knowledgable, please help me! appreciate that, thanks!:flowers:
  2. Speaking from very recent experience, I would recommend the Speedy. Isn't the MC delicious?

    I ordered a black MC Trouville and returned it because it is a handheld bag only. The Speedy works handheld or crook of the arm. For me, at the price I'm paying for LV I needed something that wasn't just a handheld option.
  3. Hi Ying;)I'll choose MC Speedy , MC Trouville is too 'structured' IMO.
  4. get both!!! :graucho: actually, get the MC Speedy - thats yummy... and maybe get the trouville later on! :wlae:
  5. haha... get both? then i wouldn't be in such difficult position in making my decision:P . what about the cerises speedy? what do you guys think? cause it is 25 while the MC speedy is 30. isn't it a bit too big for me to carry a 30 since i'm short?
  6. MC speedy black!:yahoo:
  7. hmmmm.... so no comment on the cerises speedy?
  8. Oh yeah-Cerises Speedy out of the three;)
  9. i WAS sooo obsessed about mc speedy UNTIL i spotted a cerises speedy 25 IRL, and decided to buy it right away, no second thought. i never regretted my decicion to use the money i save for my MC speedy over this cerises.
    AND ... the good part is IT'S LIMITED!
    so i would go for CERISES SPEEDY YAY!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. The Speedy is hot hot hot! I have one in black and its my favorite speedy. Much roomier then the Trouville and easy to get in and out of. But both bags are so pretty! :smile: Best of luck and let us know what you decide.
  11. I love both of those bags, but I'd definitely pick the Speedy. But you don't see too many MC Trouvilles...

    Let us know whaty ou pick and be sure to post lots of pretty pictures so we can all drool over it!
  12. I know everyone is crazy about the speedy, but I like the trouville! It is so cute and I had the White MC trouville and LOVED it!! I just think it has that little something extra! Good luck with your choice!
  13. i like the trouville better
  14. I like the MC white speedy best!
  15. Cerises Speedy, definitely!

    I have a Damier Speedy 25 and the size is perfect, and I'm 5'7". Even though it's a smaller size, I can fit an amazing amount of stuff in it.