MC Trouville or MC Speedy 30??

  1. As your first MC purchase--what would you pick?? I'm wondering if the Trouville would be too small for me? I'm 5'6 size 10. Thanks!!
  2. 30
  3. Is there any way you can try both in the store and see which one fits you better? Personally, I like the Trouville because it's not as common as the MC Speedy. On the other hand, Speedy is very nice too and fits a lot more than Trouville.
  4. I had an MC trouville (black) and sold it because the handles were placed too low and it makes it hard to hold it on the crook of your arm. I wish I bought the 30 :sad:
  5. I think the Trouville is just small...I think you would be happier with the 30 for sure. I love mine.
  6. i'm going to vote for the Speedy 30!
  7. I had the 30 and thought it was so big and heavy. It's best to really try both styles in person. Goodluck!
  8. Both are nice but i prefer speedy .
  9. i prefer Speedy 30
  10. I have the MC Speedy bought from a lovely PFer and i LOVE IT!!:heart: :heart: :yes: :yes: Choose the one you like the most,but i say MC Speedy:yahoo:
  11. Speedy
  12. most people will say 30, go to the store try both out, write a list or pros and cons and decide in yuor own time ther is no rush there will be plenty of both at the store!
  13. i say 30 but still go to the store and try on both.
  14. a speedy 30
  15. I like both :amuse:
    (not a big help, I know)