MC trouville or Denim Mini Pleaty

  1. I am trying to decide which of these bags to get. Any of you ladies have these bags that can make a suggestion to me?

    So far i've only got the BH, damier azur speedy 25, and a vernis agenda

    im 5'1, 105 lbs

    suggestions would be MUCH appreciated =)

    i want something that would work for fall too, since fall is coming up

    i think their both so cute :heart:
    900a_0.JPG fcf2_12.JPG
  2. I absoulutley LOVEEEE both of them

    I had the Pink Mini pkeaty, but I returned it (STUPID ME!)

    I think you should go for the Mini Pleaty, but only if its in Pink or green

    if not, go for the Trouville!!
  3. I think the MC is best for a all-year rounder... I would pick it personally aswell..:smile:
  4. Here are pics that I have of my OLD Mini Pleaty:

  5. more pics to comE!
  6. I really love both, but I would suggest going with the MC trouville as it holds more. Also MC addition to your family would be great.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. id go with the trouville. the 2 bags are so different though so its a tough call. it depends how much u carry on a daily basis.
  9. Mc trouville!
  10. Both are gorgeous but I'd get the MC Trouville.
  11. MC trouville in black!
  12. Pleaty!
  13. [​IMG] OF COURSE!!!!
  14. i own both. but i would choose the mc trouville. i love it in black :smile:
  15. I would go for the denim mini pleaty.. the fuschia color is so pretty... :yes: