MC Trouville or Alma??

  1. i need your help... which of the two MC LV should i get? the trouville or Alma?? thanks for your responses...:yes:
  2. I vote for the Trouville! I really like this bag and would like to own it someday :p
    Also, the Alma has vachetta on the bottom, so it's less carefree as the Trouville IMO.
  3. trouville!
  4. isnt trouville quite smaller than the alma? is it true that trouville can be used with casual outfits only??
  5. Go with the trouville... it is so beautiful!
  6. The Trouville!
  7. I would probably go for the Alma. I think the Trouville looks like a small piece of luggage IMO. But you should try them both and which ever one you love you should pick. Good luck deciding!!
  8. If you don't mind carrying the bag strictly by hand (and not on the wrist or crook of your arm) then get the Trouville. It's so adorable! I almost bought one this summer, but I didn't like the fact that I couldn't wear it on the wrist or arm. The handles are too limiting.
  9. im so torn between the two. keep your responses coming. thanks to thise who responded
  10. trouville
  11. I used to have the white mc trouville. I picked it over the alma because the alma had so many more "studs" on it and to me it was just a tad overdone. I am a alma LOVER, but for the white mc, I just thought the trouville looked better and I got tons of compliments on it everywhere I went. Good luck with your choice!!
  12. As much as I love that open pocket on the trouville, I picked the alma. I have it in white and absolutely love it! Being able to carry it in the crook of your arm is a big plus and much roomier than the trouville. But you should go to the boutique and try them both on and see which calls to you!
  13. Trouville, it's so pretty.
  14. Trouville. I think the alma looks best in damier or epi.
  15. trouville