MC Trouville - Black or White?

  1. I've always like the white MC trouville, but lately the black is growing on me
    I've seen and held the white one in real life at the store.

    I'm 26
    works for a bank from 9-5 on weekdays
    dresses very casual on the weekend in t-shirt, jeans, and white converse most of the time.

    here are the reasons (just my personal taste) for this dilemma:-

    The White
    Pro- young, refreshing, summerish, have always like the white MC, will match with my white MC PTI wallet.
    con- it can look abit tacky with the wrong outfit :crybaby: , more of a summer bag.

    The black
    Pro- its more classic to me, not many people have the black, its ok to bring to work on casual friday without feeling like as if i'm showing off

    con- depending on the colour combo, it can look fake, especially if theres alot of white, hot pink and blues :hysteric:

    I'll be making my purchase in 02/2007, so theres still like 4 month, right now i'm changing my mind every 5 minutes.

    Please help me decide because I really cant make up my mind:shrugs:

    Thanks in advance!!:smile:
  2. Black can hide wear and tear (and pen stains) better. I have the white one, getting a bit dirty lol. But imho this bag is getting a bit passe.
  3. I have the exact same dilemma as you :yes:

    I've been trying to decide for months now and can't. Maybe I don't want either enough to commit :confused1:

    I prefer the look of the white but I live in the UK and so the white would not get as much use as the black. I have the white MC Speedy already as well which pushes me to the black.....
    Good luck with your choice - it's a tough one :shrugs:
  4. I have a black MC purse and love it!!! I don't have to worry about dirt, I can wear it year round, and not alot of people have them! Plus, I feel that the colors really "pop" against the black background.
    Also..if you are worried about too much pink and blue...when you go to the store to pick it out ask to see a bunch....and get one with not a lot of pink & blue!
  5. I would go with the black. In my opinion, the white would be too much of a worry to keep clean and etc. I think the white is stunning, but too high maintaince.
  6. I prefer the black MC
  7. I love the white MC trouville. It looks beautiful in white, and since you're purchasing it in February, it will be just in time for Spring :smile:
  8. I love the white!!
  9. Black.
  10. see both IRL,try it on then decide. But as for me, I had no problem which one to choose when i saw both, WHITE is just stunning!Good luck.
  11. White...
  12. i prefer the white.

    ps. who is this in your avatar?
  13. i prefer the white hands down. it's so pretty and feminine, and it's one of my favorite bags in my collection :love:. the black looks too fluorescent

  14. i agree..and i think the white looks better with patina/dark handles:yes:
  15. White MC trouville. I have one and love it