MC Trouville, an everyday bag? (Kinda Long)

  1. As you know I have been looking for a summertime bag..Other than the 2 I just got!! And we a little help from you all, I have decided on something in MC. So yesterday I went on and did a little searching. And I found the MC White Trouville. I love hand bags more than shoulder bags. But I needed something in a semi-large size and I didn't want the speedy (for now). So I came across the Trouville and I loved it. The look and the size. But the more research I did it seemed like this was more of a traveling bag (small cosmetic bag, maybe). Would this be a good choice for an everyday bag? Or is it something I should use for a travel bag? Thanks guys! I really value your opinions!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    P.S. Here's a picture of the bag (not that you needed it)

  2. The trouville can be worn everyday. Its actually kind small for a traveling bag. Have you seen it in person or only elux? If you haven't seen it IRL, then do a search because I know I've seen modeling pics on here before.
  3. i have the white Trouville, and i love it. it's a great bag for summer, and it's so pretty and feminine. and yes you can use it as an everyday bag, but just be careful with it, i suppose
  4. I agree w/ Kitten. It's big enough to be used as an everyday bag for sure. It's quite cute and structured, if you like structured bags.
  5. For me, that is not an everyday bag. I purchased it in May and I don't use it everyday because I don't want it to get dirty (the patina turning ugly on me!). But that is just my opinion. You mentioned that you wanted a semi large sized bag, what are you planning to put in it? Do you want to put just everyday essentials like makeup, phone, etc? or looking for a bag that fits your life in it? lol. Whenever I carry that bag, I have only a wallet, phone, makeup, keys, etc. I tried stuffing it once, but it did no justice to the bag. I hope this helps!
  6. Well, I didn't want the speedy right now. And I haven't seen any Trouvilles here in AZ. So I think it's a little different!
  7. great everyday bag.. [​IMG]

    Have you thought about the priscilla?
  8. Wow, that looks really good!! It's like not too big, not too small!! Very pretty. I think this will be a good bag for me!! FYI you model it VERY well!!!
  9. Yes, could be a great daily bag but... ( ehm, actually it's ashame but I wrap major of my Lv bags with cowhide handles with clear plastic so it won't get dirt or turn darker ) ;)
  10. Since nobody has a trouville, then go for it! Everytime i carry that bag, it gets soo much attention! :yahoo:
  11. I think the Trouville will be a great everyday bag. Or if you want something a little bigger, the MC White Alma is very pretty too.
  12. Well, I am looking forward to it. It should be here next week!! I am excited! Thanks you guys!!
  13. I would love to see pics when you get. I just got an MC wallet and I really like the trouville. Let us know how practical it is!
  14. Of corse!! You know I will...Though I doubt I wear it as well as Bag Fetish...LOL:amuse:
  15. I have one in white and I think it is probabaly the prettiest bag that I have. I need to use it more and not be so afraid to mess it up. I think you will be happy with the size too.