MC still in fashion?


Is MC still fashionable?

  1. No, it's yesterday's news and rather passe

  2. MC is still in style! It rocks!!

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  1. I wanted to take the "is the MC speedy out?" question one step further and ask all of you: do you think the whole MC line is fashionable or is it passe now that newer lines are making their appearance?

    If you think it is still 'hot' or not, opinions would be nice.
  2. I honestly think it's really over. All the people that I know in the fashion industry, which really isn't that many, but all of them have said the LV MC is a trend that's pretty over.

    Some SAs even claim that sales of the MC has slowed, and they hope if LV corporate discontinues the line, sales will pick up again!

    I personally never liked the MC at all, so perhaps I am bias! :p
  3. I really like the multicolor line.
  4. According to another thread there will be a Neo Audra, some special ones with alligator trim, and another larger bag that's coming out by April. Maybe this is their last debut of the MC.
  5. NOPE! MC Speedy won't be the old fashion.
  6. I still want to get something from the MC line. :biggrin:
  7. maybe as a tiny little piece, but not as a bag. the bag is just too much for my taste. where the little acessories are kind of cute.
  8. MC ROCKS! Forget if it's still in fashion or not!!! If you like it, ROCK IT! :rochard:
  9. I love multicolor, especially the black, I don't think that it's not "in fashion" and if prices sales have declined it's only because of the ever increasing prices of the line.
  10. I love the MC. My MIL just gave me an MC purse and wallet and I love it! I've been using it more than my other LVs.
  11. anything from LV will never be out,so that includes the MC. I have one piece,the white trouville, I will love it until i get old it's my dream bag and now i have it i'll tresure it forever.
  12. Well what the fasion industry thinks and what people think are often 2 very different things! I agree MC sales have slowed, but most SAs, if you know them well enough, will admit, it's beacuse the price increases. Look at the speedy, I paid 1130, or was it 1030?.... Now not even 4 years later it's 1910.

    Even with that said, I still love it! I am just glad I got mine long ago! It is so verstile...and don't think Vuitton is even thinking of discountinuing it, or we wouldn't be seeing 3 new offerings in bags for S/S 07, not too mention what ever accessories are coming.
  13. I say screw the fashion industry. :supacool:
    I wear what I want and I love MC!!:yes:
  14. Hmm in the summer warm weather it looks nice,but in the winter MC looks bad IMO. It depends on the person,and their taste.
  15. The same answer I gave for the other poll applies's still 'in fashion.' But IMO whatever you LOVE is always in fashion, it's up to you to decide whether you still like it, not anyone else.