MC Speedys - which looks better, the white or the black?

  1. I had my heart set on a white one for ages, but today when I went to the store I broke down and brought the black because I think it would wear better, show less dirt etc. Also as the handes patina, the dark handles against the white can look really dominant/dirty. That's what the SA said

    So yeah. Hubby says he likes the black and I do too. I have a multi white purse though. Do u think the black bag with a white wallet instead of the matching one looks weird?
  2. I've used my black PTI wallet with my white Speedy, it looks good!
    I have both Speedy's and personally prefer the white.
  3. i don't think so. i like to mix and match it up sometimes. i carry a mono wallet with my denim, damier, and MC pieces.
  4. why do u like the white better? I love the white, and I hope to buy that one too. Do u think the black is pretty too?
  5. congrats on your purchase
    no I don't think it looks weird at all
    I put mc heart coin purse on my black mc speedy and I get tons of compliments!
    mix and match in mc colors are fun fun fun :yes:
  6. I have the mc heart purse! I also have a black mc coin purse that I plan to attach to the bag. Looks so cute!
  7. I have a white one. SO I vote for the white.
  8. I think the MC Speedy looks much prettier in BLACK .... so you made the right choice. :tup:

    Also, I don't think it is weird at all to have a White MC wallet inside a Black MC bag.

    I have a White MC Audra and I use my Black MC Koala with it all the time.

    Mix-matching White MC with Black MC looks beautiful, in my opinion, because it makes one another stand out.
  9. I don't have either, but I love the black. I like how it makes the colors on it pop out. I also think the black is better to use all year. To me, the white is mostly a summer bag. Plus the black won't show the dirt as easily.
  10. Def white :smile: I ever had some MC pieces and all in white
  11. I honestly can't decide. I have the MC Speedy in both colors & love them both :love: I wear the black in the winter & the white in the spring/summer
  12. mix-&-match is the way to go!
  13. personally, I prefer the white one
  14. Personally I like it better in white, but both are nice.
  15. Congrats on your purchase! I must admit I have never been a fan of the mc but saw a woman carrying the Black MC Speedy yesterday with a patina and it was breathtaking! Enjoy your bag!!